In the cold northern country of Vikings and trolls, a Norseman and a Siamese woman gave life to a boy whose name would be mispronounced throughout his life.

Tongchai O. Hansen


Since an early age, he has been an enthusiast for the theatre having performed in several school plays and venues before he desired to set the sails and work as a motorman-sailor apprentice travelling the world for two years. Not long after he had set foot on land, he entered the woods in the northern part of Norway to complete his national service in the Norwegian Military Force. Finally having the life experience and courage to fully step into the world of drama, he returned to the school bench to get his ‘Higher Education Diploma’ where he got to sharpen his literary knowledge before being accepted into East 15 Acting School.

The mother who made dreams come true ❤

During his stay in England Tongchai finally recognised that he had a curious eye for seeing the world through the lens. He quickly went from capturing moments with his phone to finally having creative control with a DSL camera. He enjoys taking photos of random objects to people doing whatever they do at the moment. Recently he’s been in charge of taking photos of his fellow classmates during rehearsals and shows.

Another passion was developed inside the compact body of Tongchai, directing. He never thought that being behind the action would take him to Cloud 9. Being able to control and shape how you tell a story gives him a sense of creative purpose and deeper connection with the story as a whole and the characters inside of it.

He directed his first full-length show during the International Festival of New Work (IF) 2017, ’17 Days in America’ written by Adrianna PavlovskaAlongside having the part as the ‘Translator‘ in the production of ‘Three Kingdoms’ written by Simon Stephens and directed by Tom Hughes, he was also the assistant director.


Alongside his passion for art and drama, Tongchai is a fanatic when it comes to physical movements as he has been highly involved in different athletic and dance worlds throughout his life. He strongly believes that physical movements (big or subtle) are an immense part of the theatre and any acting technique. If there was only one thing he could take from his training and experience, it would be to listen (both as an actor and director).

I feel really cool writing about myself in a third person, just sayin’.